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Join us each week on the Real Estate Hustle Show for discussion all about surviving our crazy real estate careers, how to increase your sales, structure your real estate business, enjoy more freedom in your career, and how to win the approval of your clients!
Episode 23: Are You At The Right Brokerage?
One of our agents has been working on recruiting an agent to our brokerage over the past few months, trying to show her how much she has been leaving on the table by staying with her current brokerage. She kept telling our agent how much her current brokerage was providing to her and she didn’t think that she could leave that behind. She said that she would essentially be nothing without her brokerage. Then, all of a sudden all of that changed when our agent asked her a series of questions that opened her eyes to the reality. Things she has NEVER thought about. These are questions EVERY one of you need to be asking yourself. This is what is on deck today for the Real Estate Hustle, stay tuned.
Episode 22: Committing to Launching Your Social Media Marketing Plan
Guys, this WHOLE month we have been focusing on social media. It has been an AWESOME month! We have talked about so much with you, gave you a ton of strategy, and now it is time to put things into practice and master it! Thats what we have coming up today.
Episode 20: If You Don't Do This, You Won't Succeed
A glimpse into the new Facebook algorithm that is GOING TO AFFECT YOU! Rick and Travis are going to go over that PLUS get down on more of a personal level all about finding your purpose and your desires within real estate. This is one you don't to miss.
Episode 19: Making the Most of Your Real Estate Facebook Page
This month is all about social media. It is a topic that we love, that we are passionate about, and that we are continuing to experiment with and figure out the absolute best ways to use it. Before we dive into this weeks content, lets first review last week’s podcast for those that missed it. If you didn’t have the chance to listen to is, please go back and look up episode 18. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube, Facebook, Google Play, etc. To summarize:

Episode 16: Don't Do These Things!
Join us today for our stories of lessons learned throughout the years. We talk about listings we have lost, unhappy clients, and the hard lessons we have had to learn. Join us each week for a new episode of the Real Estate Hustle!
Episode 15: Join the Movement
Are you INTERESTED or are YOU COMMITTED? Which are you? Interested or committed? If you aren’t fully committed to joining the movement of revolutionizing your real estate business business, you are going to find every excuse this year not to do what it takes to make it happen. So, TODAY, you need to commit yourself to standing with us, creating a better real estate business, and doing everything in your power to take the leap of faith to stay with the times and not get swallowed up with the inevitable change that our industry is facing.
Episode 14: What is the Future of Real Estate?
Hey everybody! January is rapidly approaching. Lets start out the new year with a bang! Today is all about setting your 2018 real estate goals to not only improve your career, but also your body, your being, and maintaining balance throughout the day. We will give you real estate goal examples, let you know the areas you need to be focusing on, we hand you a real estate goal setting worksheet/template, and set you up for a successful 2018. These are also great goals for a new real estate agent!
Please make sure to download our free worksheet to help you with your goals at
Episode 13: Giving Your Real Estate Clients the Disneyland Customer Experience
Have you ever been to Disneyland? Have you ever noticed how they perfectly execute the entire customer experience? You too can do this in your real estate business! In January of 2018, our entire focus is improving the customer service experience in your real estate business. But none of this can happen unless you know the experience your customer goes through, start to finish. Tune into this podcast to drastically improve your real estate customer experience, and then follow it up with our upcoming master class!
Episode 12: Turning Real Estate Goals Into Reality
What are your real estate goals for 2018? Are you prepared to meet them? Join us with our guest Brady Brienholt to talk all about have the goal mindset and hear how Brady has been able to achieve his goals in a relatively short time in real estate.
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